Jeremy Renner and possible nail clubbing?

Stock image of clubbed nails

The other day I wrote a blog about watching Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol, the new movie which features actor Jeremy Renner (Hurtlocker etc). In my blog I mentioned that I had noticed whilst watching the movie how prominent his fingers were and how it looks like he could have a condition known as nail clubbing. This is significant because often it can be a symptom of some very serious medical conditions, specifically of the heart, lungs and liver. For example, lung diseases, TB and lung cancer, heart disease and serious heart conditions, crohn’s disease and cirrhosis of the liver and hyperthyroidism amongst many others.

I mentioned then that I hoped he had become aware of this and had been checked over by a doctor, due to the seriousness of the implications. However, it should also be pointed out that there is a condition called Idiopathic clubbing which in 60% of cases carries no underlying medical condition. The fact that it is usually a big tell-tale sign of major illness though, I would certainly get checked over if he hasn’t already!

He did seem aware of his finger issue as he seemed to spend much of the movie hiding his hands from view, either buried in his pockets or behind strategically placed laptops and other props! So hopefully he has had a full work up done and any problems diagnosed and under treatment. I don’t seem to be the only one who noticed his nail clubbing though as a simple search on google brought up many other people asking or commenting on it.

I guess it’s a personal matter for him to know if he does have a medical condition and he seems busy with work (currently filming the latest in the Bourne series due for release in August) and relatively healthy on that level, so hopefully if there is a problem it’s under control and treatment. It’s intriguing though and seems to have perked a lot of peoples interest!


11 thoughts on “Jeremy Renner and possible nail clubbing?

  1. Folks — I’m a recently retired Internal Medicine Specialist, dealing with Pulmonary Disease, and in the Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol movie I also noticed the above and searched Google and found this site. Your comments are well written and to the point about the implication of these also called “spoon” nails. Hopefully, he has investigated this physical sign.

    Carl Michael Pesta, DO

  2. Thanks so much for your comment Carl, its good to hear from someone fully qualified in this area and know that my observations were correct! I did try to be careful to keep any medical facts as accurate as possible. I have a strong interest in medicine but obviously don’t have the level of knowledge you have as a doctor. Let’s hope Jeremy has sought medical advice. Thanks again 🙂

    • I too noticed his nail clubbing while watching “Hurtlocker”. Knowing the physiological implications of this symptom and the fact that actors are insured when a contract is agreed upon, I’m sure he has had complete head-to toe physical assessments and if there was an issue it would have been discovered. Poor guy, I’m sure he is self-concious about it. We love him anyway!

  3. I hope he is alright and that he gets medical attention for his fingers. He is such a cutie and a talented actor. Hugs and kisses. ☺

  4. Just saw the movie and went online to see if anyone else noticed his clubbed fingernails. My brother had this symptom and had heart problems,

  5. Hi

    I watched the Bourne Legacy today and noticed the possible ‘clubbing’ (nursing background). When I googled to find out more, your site appeared. I hope he has been checked over medically.

    Thanks for an interesting site.

  6. I, too, noticed his nails during the movie. He could have clubbing (2 types but he would appear to have late clubbing in which the angle between the nail and nail base exceeds 180 degrees), or he could have a completely innocuous variant called Curved nails. Curved nails appear similar to clubbed nails, however the normal angle between the nail and nail base is preserved. One needs to pay special attention to the cuticle area if only observing to distinguish the two, but certainly an intensive medical history is preferable. It seems unlikely that Mr. Renner would suffer from the associated disorders of clubbed nails, considering his status as a sought-after, well-attended movie star who is quite active and nimble in his portrayals of heroes (The Hurt Locker, etc). An excellent dermatological resource may be found here:

  7. Also, spoon nails are historically associated with iron-deficiency anemia (the most common cause of anemia in the U.S.), but they are quite the opposite of club nails in both appearance and etiology.

  8. My father who is a DO also noticed this while watching him in Bourne Legacy and said the same things! I typed it in google and found this. He was happy to know others agree!

  9. Hi,

    Nice pick up Sugarflower. I just watched Mission Impossible and noticed the clubbing. I also noted that Jeremy (the director, camera man,,,) was hiding his fingers. Nice post and good information for anyone dealing with this condition.

    P.s. I went to medical school with Dr. Pesta’s son!


    Brian Sabb, DO

    • Hi Brian,

      Thanks for your post! I never realised just how many others have noticed it too. I thought I was a bit weird for it sticking out “like a sore thumb”, if you excuse the pun! lol. I’m glad I’m not the only one though.

      How cool too that you went to medical school with Dr Pesta’s son! I guess its a really small world sometimes? 😉

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